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Soul To Belly

Soul to Belly Black Garlic Umami Bundle

Soul to Belly Black Garlic Umami Bundle

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Introducing the Soul to Belly Black Garlic Umami Bundle – your ultimate secret weapon in the kitchen.

This bundle contains our three products: Black Garlic Paste (2), Black Garlic Seasoning Salt (1), and Ultra Garlic Powder (1).

They work in perfect harmony to give your dishes an extra hint of that elusive fifth taste - umami!

Our Black Garlic Cooking Paste is made with premium quality garlic that's been slowly caramelized and refined into a smooth paste. It's perfect for creating gourmet meals in minutes, just toss it with pasta or veggies, sauté an omelet or spread it on a sandwich.

Our Black Garlic Seasoning Salt is an all-purpose seasoning that can enhance the flavor of almost any recipe with ease. It's rich in umami and packed with roasted garlic and Real Salt™, making it the ideal seasoning for meats, vegetables, and soups. Add it to fresh popcorn for a delicious evening snack!

Our Ultimate Garlic Powder is a blend of California garlic powder, California roasted garlic powder, and our foodie-crafted black garlic powder that enhances its taste and aroma. Add it to everything. Seriously. It is that versatile.

Level up your favorite dishes with their smooth umami and savory depth. All three of these products are made with the finest, freshest ingredients to ensure maximum flavor and quality. So, why settle for ordinary when you can experience the exceptional with Soul to Belly's Umami Bundle?

Don't miss out on this flavorful bundle of goodness - order the Umami Bundle today and save while adding maximum deliciousness to your cooking!

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