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Soul To Belly

The Quintet – Black Garlic Cooking Paste 5 Pack

The Quintet – Black Garlic Cooking Paste 5 Pack

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Introducing the Soul to Belly "The Quartet" Black Garlic Cooking Paste 5 Pack

Your go-to choice for delicious, plant-based dishes.

Five 4 oz. jars of smooth and creamy black garlic, giving you all the flavor and health benefits without all the hassle. Take your meals to the next level with this one key ingredient.

The Quartet provides endless culinary possibilities. With this shelf-stable paste, you can slather it on veggies, tofu, or meat alternatives for a scrumptious plant-fueled meal any day of the week. Even better, you’ll love it in sauces, soups, stews, roasts, rubs, dips, and marinades – perfect for every meal! Don't just save your black gold for special occasion dinners - come prepared with The Quartet and make sure every dish is full of flavorful goodness.

This exciting ingredient will have chefs and foodies excited to experiment - while vegan and vegetarian cooks will love having an extra option for adding incredible depth to their dishes. Grillmasters will appreciate how easy it is to use - simply add to any recipe to upgrade their BBQ spread or backyard grilling sessions!

So why not try Soul to Belly's The Quartet today? Your taste buds will thank you!

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